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Digital Printing

Needing 100 business cards, 30 calendars, 80 stickers, 15 invitations printed immediately? The solution to these problems is digital printing technology.


With digital printing, you can quickly introduce changes to your materials immediately before the printing starts.


Printing of extra-urgent runs while the customer is here waiting becomes absolutely real. Yet another nice surprise is that the problem of having a whole run printed wrong is just gone.

Instead of a complex process of making test colour prints, just one copy is printed, corresponding to the resulting print hundred per cent – any designer’s dream come true. Such a test print is inexpensive and absolutely correct, as the run itself will be printed on the same paper, using the same paints and the same printing machine as the test print!


Since we can store your information digitally, you can print only what you need at the moment, and exactly as many copies as you need. For example, now you no longer need to order hundreds and thousands of full-colour catalogues at the printing house, especially if the prices in the catalogue can change quickly.

Digital printing allows for printing 10 or 100 copies and then printing additional runs, making necessary changes for each such following run and not even having to submit a new order. Now you do not have to stock up on advertising materials “as a reserve”, which occupy your space and quickly get out of date.


Adding unique text, digital material or illustrations to each printed sheet, is yet another advantage of digital printing. Several versions of a document can be printed within one and the same run (using a different language, or providing local office information); besides, printed materials can be created for small groups or even for individual consumers in accordance with their preferences and previous purchases, thus increasing the response to marketing or promotional materials.