Printing method that allows for printing small runs as needed.


In an ideal scenario, print-on-demand means the opportunity to print just one copy of a document, for example, a single book. In contrast to small runs with a limited number of copies (50 to 100 to 200) printed, printing-on-demand allows for a small number of copies out of a total number (300 to 500 to 1000) to be printed in response to a specific order, so that on-demand copies are never sent to storage.


This technology also allows for reprinting of a print run. In our case, printing-on-demand also facilitates long-term cooperation. With that said the files stored at our facilities are printed at the time and in the amount required by the customer.

Such an order is completed within a very short time and generally takes no longer than just a few hours. Sometimes the files are edited as specified in the order.

1000 catalogues per year can be printed, with a monthly demand of 50 to 100 copies, along with variable prices and a renewable product mix. In such a case, the price is calculated on the basis of 1000 copies and not 50, which allows for a double to triple cost saving.

Thus, regular updates of the content become available to the customer, while each print run remains highly cost effective.